what online business can do for you

Here are some of the things starting an online business can do for you: 

( Share you passion, experience or talents with the world 

( Fulfill your purpose through your business 

( Make money while making a difference 

( Attract abundance doing something you love 

( Earn extra income 

( Have financial independence 

( Control your own destiny 

( Live the life of your dreams 

If any of you have ever started; or thought about starting; an offline business, you know the risks as well as the investment it can require. In addition to running an online business I also own an offline business. (You can see details by visiting the ‘About’ page on my website). Between start-up costs and first year expenses I sank about $60,000 into that business. I almost didn’t survive that first year plus it took me about 4 years to recoup that investment. Fortunately I had other income that allowed me to pay my bills. That was back in 2005. If I would have known then what I know now I would have never started that venture. With the changes in technology, there has never been a better time than now to start a business. Here are some of the incredible advantages of starting an online business: 

( Reach a worldwide audience 

( Work from anywhere 

( Low investment 

( Little risk 

( Easy to use tech tools 

( Start part time 

( Unlimited potential 

Keep in mind though, that just because there are a lot of advantages, does not mean that it will be easy to start and run a profitable business online. It is still going to take effort, focus and time. Plus you still need to follow sound business strategies and practices. That is what this guide is all about.  Most people ask me, “What is the most profitable online market to get into?” That’s the wrong question to ask. That’s not what you should build your business around. Sure you want to be profitable, but more importantly, you want to build your business around something you love. Or at least something you love sharing with others. The exercise below will help you identify potential topics for your business. Please do not rush this exercise. In fact, it is OK to fill this out and come back to it the next day to see if you would like to make any changes. 1. Make a list of all the topics that you are interested in. (List as many as possible as long as they fall into at least one of these categories: A topic that excites you; that you feel strongly about; that you’re passionate about; that you love reading and learning about; that you love talking to others about) 2. Make a list of all the ‘causes’ that you feel strongly about. (It’s expected that some topics will appear on multiple lists) 3. What subjects do you love to study? 4. What pain, challenges, or problems have you had to overcome that you would like to assist others in dealing with? 5. What specific jobs have you held and what specific industries do you have significant experience in? 6. What subjects did you major in college or technical school? 7. Have you had any other types of training that is not listed above? 8. What hobbies and activities do you enjoy? 9. What topics do you feel you are an expert at? 10. What 3 things do you feel you do better than most people? 11. Make a list of all your strengths, talents, skills or abilities that were not previously listed: Keep in mind, whatever topic you choose, it has to be something that you can teach, inform, inspire or entertain others. You have to be able to offer them something they want. And there are virtually an unlimited amount of things that fall under this category. The 6 key areas that are the easiest to monetize: 1. Making or saving money 2. Increasing health 3. Relationships 4. Saving time or convenience 5. Pets 6. Hobbies See if you can envision assisting customers in your market in one of those categories. It will mean that you have a stronger market. It may also give you an idea for a niche that you might not have thought of before. Also, don’t feel that you have to be an expert before you can teach or help others. There are ALWAYS people who know less than you who would love to learn from you. Remember, the largest segment of any market, by far, are the beginners. Based on your answers to the previous questions (and your ‘gut’ feeling), list 5 potential topics that you feel you would really enjoy to pursue as a business. (It’s OK if you can’t pick 5, but try.) Put your first choice at #1, second at #2, etc. If you cannot decide between 2 or more it is OK to write “tie” besides 2 or more.  

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