The 60-Year-Old Ex-Janitor Who Made $4700 in copywriting

If he isn’t aware of what he really seeks, and is only concerned with a general
problem, then your
headline starts with that problem and turns it into a specific need.
Brian Clark of Copyblogger wrote a great article on how you can sell to
prospects of different level of awareness here.
Last but not least, determine the hook (angle) to grab your reader’s
For the product-aware reader, you can use a direct benefit claim, such as “Get
Your Six-Packed Abs
In Just 2 Weeks Using [Your Product Name]”.
For the problem-aware reader, you can highlight the nagging problem,
such as “Burn Your Embarrassing Belly Fats Without [Dreaded
For your unaware readers, use the element of surprise or curiosity, e.g. “The
60-Year-Old Ex-Janitor
Who Made $4700 Last Month Just By [Doing Something Simple]”.

So there you go, the 4 key elements in an attention-grabbing headline:
One Big Idea + Dominant Emotion + Awareness Level + Hook
One thing to note though, you may not be able to fit all the 4 elements in your
main headline...
That is why you might want to use a pre-head to address your target
audience, e.g. 'Attention Frustrated Working Moms Who Are Overweight!'

followed by your main headline, e.g. 'Discover How You Can Lose 15 Pounds
Easily in Just 7 Days and Regain Your Gorgeous Figure... Even If You Don't Have
the Time or Energy to Work Out'...
followed by what A-List copywriter Ray Edwards calls the deck copy, to
reinforce the impact of your main headline... 'No, it's NOT another tedious
diet... but instead, it's a ridiculously simple 5-minute routine that will help you
shed your extra pounds at record speed!'
Your Body Copy (Storytelling)
When writing your body copy, it's important to spend more time crafting a
compelling 'lead' (the copy that comes right after your headline).
In fact, your lead is just as important as your headline.
Because if you cannot intrigue or captivate your reader with a compelling lead,
chances are they will not even skim your sales page, much less to read the
whole thing.
On the other hand, if you can keep your reader's undivided attention right
after your headline, they will be motivated to read the next line, and the
next... or at least be interested to skim through... and look at your subheadlines
throughout the page for something that might interest them.
In short, you get a higher chance of pitching your irresistible offer to them.
One way to write a compelling lead is to start with a story... and think of the
story as a great movie trailer.
Start with a lead that highlights a high point of drama (just like a mind-blowing
trailer). Begin right in the middle of a story.

Then pull your reader further in... by explaining that high point of drama in
your following body copy with more riveting action and intriguing details --
such as how you (or the star of your story) discovered the amazing solution
that solved the pain that your reader is also experiencing right now.
Your Bullets (Benefits + 4Us)
Once you've evoked your readers' dominant emotion with your story, it's time
to present your offer. Show them how they can also solve their problems by
getting your solution.
Use a list of compelling bullets to present the key benefits of your
product... specifically on how they can help your reader solve their specific
problem and achieve their aspiration, lifestyle or status they so desired.
One thing to note though, don't give away everything in your bullets. Give
them just enough information to make them curious... and the only way to
satisfy that curiosity is to buy your product.
Copywriting legend Gary Halbert once revealed to A-List copywriter Scott
Haines that the #1 reason people buy a product is CURIOSITY, which is even
more powerful than self-interest.
To keep your bullets focused and compelling, always remember the 4Us,
i.e. your bullets must always be Useful, Unique, Ultra-Specific and Urgent.
if you incorporate these 4 types of bullets, your reader will be riveted to
every single one of your bullets -- and more importantly, be compelled to
know how they can get their hands on your product... so they can enjoy all
the benefits that you've presented in your bullets.
Your Close (Offer, Guarantee, Bonuses & P.S)
As you guide your reader further with your useful, unique, ultra-specific and
urgent bullets, it is now time to present your irresistible offer and ask for the

Summarize the key benefits of your product again... state the immense value
of your product, and how it can potentially transform your reader's life.

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